We are Papillon puppy breeders located in Orlando Florida

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Information on Our Papillons for Sale

Information about our Papillons for Sale Papillons have rich breed history, literally. Originally French court lapdogs, they have appeared with their owners in portraits as early as the sixteenth century. They are one of the oldest known toy Spaniel breeds. The name is French for butterfly, derived from their gloriously fringed ears, which present a winged frame to their usually symmetrical facial coloring. These royal dogs are accessible to all who recognise their exceptional qualities, and happily, you will find papillons for sale right here on this site. Although their name comes from the erect ear version of the breed,...

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Papillon Breeders Located Orlando Florida

We are one of the most well known and popular papillon breeders in Florida. We have our own in-house papillon kennel where we breed and take care of our papillons. We have a bathing station and a large backyard for them to go out and explore and feel as free as possible. We take extra measures to make them feel as happy as possible and get socialized with other people and dogs while at the same time being safe from the elements. We always register all our papillons with the AKC . We feed our papillon puppy’s  the highest quality food after...

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Gallery of our Papillon Pictures

This is our gallery of our papillon pictures that we have taken over the past couple of years. We love our papillons to death and want to share some cute pictures of them with you. We will continue to add updated photos weekly so check back for more pictures. Most of the pictures of the papillons on this page are not for sale.

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Nottingham’s papillon dog ‘robodog’ recovers from injury

JUST over a week after a spaniel was savaged in a dog attack, leaving him unable to walk, a Nottingham vet has got him back on his feet again. Dog owner Kathy Hart said that veterinary staff at Hucknall’s East Midlands Referrals have performed a miracle operation on her 11-year-old Papillon, Cody. Retired Kathy, 86, from Aspley had taken Cody on holiday – along with her daughters Annette and Caroline and their partners – to Devon on Saturday, June 7. They were celebrating Annette’s wedding anniversary but only minutes after they arrived the attack happened. It left Cody with a...