What makes papillons a unique type of dog?

The Papillon is a Spaniel-type dog breed. Of the toy spaniels, the Papillon is one of the oldest. The dog has a characteristic butterfly-like appearance with the ears having long and fringed hair, a feature that partly explains its name. While some of them have erect ears, there are those whose ears are dropped. A Papillon that has dropped ears is referred to as the Phalène. The Papillon’s uniqueness lies in its sparkling personality. It is a dog breed that anyone who comes into contact with is bound to fall in love with. Papillons have energy levels that vary from moderate to intense.

Unlike most of the other pets, the Papillon does not like to be held around. It is a rather curious and energetic dog that will always be sniffing and running around, regardless of its lap-size. If you are looking for a dog to hold on your lap while watching TV, then the Papillon dogs are not the best option. With proper care the dog is also a long-lived breed and you could as well expect it to live to the best of its teens. It is also a strong breed that hardly gets sick.

If for one looking for a loveable pet, then the Papillon is worth a try. What makes this dog a great option is the fact that it is highly trainable. This makes it an awesome choice for those who would like to engage in dog sports, agility and rally for instance. They have over time exhibited amazing competitiveness in the obedience arena. The Papillon dogs have a tendency of developing some stubborn habits if not trained well. You should therefore ensure that the dog is taken to obedience classes to help it develop good habits.

The Papillon is also bound to make your kid a great pet. This is because they have been observed to have some affection towards humans. Furthermore, you will not even need to worry about other pets such as cats. If introduced to the other pets at a young age, they are likely to get along pretty well. For small kids however, care needs to be taken on how they handle the Papillon. Given their energy levels, they are likely to jump from place to place and with young kids, there are chances that they may get hurt in the process. The kids should therefore be supervised on how they relate to the dog.

The Papillon is a very beautiful dog with hairy and cute ears. It has dark round eyes that give it a brilliant look. The eyes have got thin black rim too. The dog also has some long fine hair that makes it undoubtedly pretty. The muzzle of the Papillon pup is to some extent short. The tails of the papillons are relatively long and are often covered in long elegant hair. It is normally held high. It has a white coat that may contain patches of any other color. The ears are often covered in hair that is a color apart from white. Most of the papillon puppies are able to open their eyes within the first couple of weeks, and they look absolutely gorgeous.

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