Papillon Puppy with a heart on her back

This sable papillon puppy has a super cute heart on her back. She is only a couple of months old now and shes so cute. She isn’t for sale anymore but its fun to share her. I hope to have another papillon puppy that has a heart or something cute on her back. I sold this papillon puppy for 1500 dollars. She went to a great home in Kansas. A lady named Sheri bought her and we email back and forth all the time.

I wish I could have kept her but I already have a lot of dogs as is. I think if I kept her I would have dressed her up everyday like a little princess. I will always love her and wish I could have kept her. I hope that this papillon puppy is going to live a long and wonderful life out in Kansas with Sheri, she loves her to death just as much as I do. I want to visit her someday if I get the chance that would be great! I miss her <3.


Papillon with a heart on  her back

Papillon puppy with a heart on her back


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    Is she for sale

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