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Frances Sullivan – Sunshine Papillons Owner & Breeder

Sunshine Papillons was founded in 2000 by Frances Sullivan & Ian Sullivan and is a family owned and operated business located in Casselberry Florida.

We remember when we first received our papillon and began raising it from a little puppy to a fully grown adult. Our little papillon brought our family so much joy that we decided to begin breeding them and sharing them with the world. We have enjoyed bringing happiness and joy to thousands of families across the nation ever since.

At Sunshine Papillons we have been the top rated papillon breeder in Florida since 2000 and we have developed many partnerships nationwide with other Papillon breeders aswell.

If you are looking to add a little papillon to your family, submit your email here and we will notify you when we have puppies available.

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  1. Danielle Harrison says:

    Do you currently have any females?

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