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    1. Avatar Tyffani Crespo says:

      Hello, love your puppies! So CUTE! 🙂 hoping to adopt in the future and was wondering how much you typically charge for adoption fees. Didn’t see it listed anywhere on your site. Thank you!

    2. Avatar Joan Bilson says:

      I’m interested in a male try-color pap. I currently have two older paps. Time to get some young blood in the mix to keep them company.

    3. Avatar Gilcia says:

      i would like a puppy in black and white male please

    4. Avatar Michele Schuster says:

      I am interested in your papillons. Do you have any pups now or expecting any litters? We are looking for a small dog that would be good with children. We lost our yorkie a while back at age 14. Really miss him.

    5. Avatar tara says:

      Hi there! We are love our Papillion and we think he may need a friend! Please let me know what’s coming available. 🙂 thank you tara

    6. Avatar Sydne Mcbride says:

      Hi, I called you earlier and you gave me Diane’s number

    7. Avatar Richard Kelly says:


      I interested in getting a new boy papillon pup. I’m in Sarasota.

      Thank you,

      Richard Kelly

    8. Avatar Diana says:

      Hi interested in a female pup. I live in Jupiter FL with 2 horses and5 acres
      Thanks Diana

    9. Avatar Pat Sanders says:

      I am looking at your site, no puppies since July? Last week had to put down my b& w male of 14 yrs,looking for a female b& w. Thank you. Pat

    10. I emailed you barb & bruce

    11. Avatar barb and bruce gotschall chalfont pa says:

      looking for a pap ours recently died after 18 years

    12. Avatar Susie Doyle says:

      Hi there,

      I am very interested in your Papi pups. I’m looking for a female. I was wondering if you have any available and the price. I live in Sarasota.

      Thank you!

      Susie Doyle