They loved playing in the flowers that day. <3

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  1. Avatar Kathy Harter says:

    We have 2 papillons,brother and sister,four years old…they are our furbabies as well,just curious how much cost to get a male puppy? Thanks so much…😊

  2. Avatar Kimberly Patterson says:

    I would love to be put on your waiting list for one of your puppies. We are looking for a small male Papillon puppy with the white and black colors like the ones you have . We have a male papillon that has been neutered and we are wanting a second pap. There is just my husband and I as we have no children except for our furbaby Dudley. I am also home almost 24/7 except when I have a doctors appointment or have to run a few errands. We are hoping to adopt a puppy some time after June of this year due to a surgery I have to have the first of May. By then I should be back on my feet again. Could you please email me the cost of your male puppies and when you may have another litter? Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon. ~ Kimmie

  3. Avatar Dan Young says:

    I got your name from one of your Papillon homes, Bill Ellis. I just lost my beloved Papillon Moose at eighteen years of age….My Pap prior went to sixteen(two dogs- 34 years!), so I go way back with Paps and they live long and prosper in my care. Ironically the two of them look just like the two of yours frolicking in the flowers on your gallery. I am sending you some ‘snail mail’ letter and pictures.

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