Our Adorable Papillon Family

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  1. Avatar Angela Shore says:

    We (my husband and I) lost our 14 y/o Papillon in September. He also had CHF that was diagnosed in January. I remember the day my vet broke the news to us, it felt like someone had kicked us and knocked all the air out of our lungs, I couldn’t breathe. We miss him everyday and have gotten another Pap that is 18 months old to help take the edge off of the silence. We would like to get another Pap for him to have company during the day when we are not home. We work opposit shifts and there is anywhere from a two the three hour period where he is alone.


    My most beloved papillon deceased recently from cancer. We (he and I) had successfully managed his congestive heart disease for three and a half years, which involved giving him medication three times a day, giving him oxygen (yes! he had his own oxygen concentrator and tent) on those occasions that he needed it, and my cooking his favorite non salted turkey broth to keep his kidneys healthy. For 14 years, he was the love of my life.

    I am in a mobility scooter and Tiny (my beloved deceased papillon) would ride on my lap from morning to night. I always thought that if Tiny could be anything in the world, he would have chosen to be my siamese twin and permanently attached to my side.

    My life without my papillon feels so empty. While Tiny cannot be replaced, the joy, love and comfort that a papillon brings to a home is something I so want and need.

    If and when you have some pups available for adoption, I would be greatly interested.

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